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“We were honoured to have Max and Kerrin as emcees of “The Ride of a Lifetime – Kevin Pearce on BrainInjury and the Olympic Spirit” event in April 2014. They did their own research in advance and were fresh, engaging, and informed. Developing an instant rapport with Kevin, the audience was charmed. I would highly recommend them for corporate or community functions. ”


Jane Dafoe

Fund Development and Communications Manager, the Association for the Rehabilitation of the Brain Injured

Canadian Olympic Medalists

As a 4X Olympian - I have probably worked with over 100 coaches throughout my career. More than any other, Max had a unique ability to make athletes reach their peak potential. I believe athletes have different drives and motivations and Max was always able to coach from a deeper level of understanding. I trusted him implicitly, when you are skiing at speeds of 160km/h - You are trusting someone with your life and there was no-one I had more confidence in than Max.


Kerrin Lee-Gartner Olympic victory was a great story of perseverance, I remember being awoken by Dr.Pat McKonkey in 1992 (post my Olympic crash and knee surgery). He ripped open the blinds around my hospital bed and swung the tv over so I could see Kerrin Lee-Gartner winning the downhill Gold for Canada. "Those are my knees" he kept saying over and over again - referring to the fact that Kerin was able to overcome two re-constructed knee surgeries to become the best Woman Downhiller in the World.

World Cup winner, Motivational speaker, author and CEO OF VIVO Resorts

I never would have become a World Cup Champion without the leadership of Max Gartner. He is a coach that cares more about people, than results. But he actually gets better results than anyone else. Compassion, Expertise, and Strategy are how I describe his greatest strengths. I'm so glad that more people get to benefit from "Gold METTLE" approaches. 


One coach did not take Kerrin Lee-Gartner on the provincial team, "because she didn't have the talent". Well 'having talent' and 'optimizing talent' are two entirely different things, and great coaches know the difference. Through Kerrin's undeniable drive and coach-ability she made it on to the National team. There she joined forces with a coach that knew how to optimize talent. Together they molded the Gold METTLE strategies that ultimately enabled her to have an advantage over her competition. She went on to become one of Canada's greatest heroes and an Olympic Gold Medal Champion. 

World Cup winner, Co-owner Paintbox Lodge​


The number one biggest thing Max did for me was he helped me believe in my ability to become a world class athlete at a time when I wasn't sure I could. To this day I keep a letter he wrote me telling me that I could achieve my goals, it was critical for me to know that my coach believed in my abilities! Max helped me make the challenging leap from local star to international challenger! Max understood that creating a successful athlete required more than physical training but mental training and all the smaller details had to be thought out as well. By providing the best training grounds and putting together brilliant preparation he helped me achieve my goals and ultimately my dream goal of winning on the world cup circuit.

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