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photos of Max and Kerrin


• Coaching

• Seminars

• Experiences


We will work with individuals, teams and businesses  to improve there performance and reach for their potential. Using our 5 Mettle factors to assess your current situation and work out a plan to have you on your way to reach your potential.


We do not come with set solutions. We ask questions and in partnership we will find the answers. 



We will work with teams and companies with our specially designed workshops in the areas of Teamwork,  Performance under Pressure, Art of Leadership, Setting goals & getting focused, Developing the Mettle.




We will custome -design for your team/business a "special off-sight experience" that will be memorable. Combining a sport of your choice (we prefer skiing and golf) at a desirable location with a workshop will combine fun and learning. It will test your Mettle!

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