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Presentation Topics


Conquer Fear

“Fear can paralyze you to perform at your best.   Downhill racers are not fearless but they have developed strategies to overcome fear. In this presentation we will share some of the strategies used and discuss how they can be applied to everyday life.”


Relying on your Team for top individual performance

“The spotlight is on the individual at the podium. However it takes a well functioning team to work seamlessly to achieve peak performance. We will discuss the “inner workings” of a ski team and how this well oiled machine will put the racer in a position to deliver top results”


Performance under Pressure

“Pressure is a privilege” is a mindset that shifts the mind from a potentially negative viewpoint to one of opportunity and optimism. We will share strategies that coaches use to take the pressure of the athlete and allow for optimal performance. These strategies are very transferable to any pressure situation.”

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