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As a longtime coach in the performance business, I have always intuitively explored the strengths of the athletes and the people I worked with. It was natural for me to look at the talents and gifts of a person rather than focusing on the weaknesses. I had no scientific information to lean on, just a gut feeling that working on the strengths would increase the performance much faster. My theory: Spending more time giving positive feedback will increase confidence and be very beneficial.

As a ski coach, I tried an experiment where I kept the athletes on easy terrain for a long block of training. This ensured they received plenty of positive feedback, both externally from coaches and internally, in how they felt. This raised their confidence levels. Eventually, I tested the theory, how would they react when I exposed them to a very difficult hill? I was amazed by the results! It was so clear, feeling confident and positive on the easier terrain made every athlete feel they could execute on any mountain, in any conditions. Every athlete performed at a higher level; the experiment worked!

As I sharpened my skills in corporate coaching and personal development, I sought out learning opportunities that aligned with my personal coaching philosophy. I was naturally drawn to the Strengths Based Coaching, by the Gallup Institute. It seemed to line up with my coaching style perfectly. I was not disappointed. I was amazed by the data presented that supports this approach. The quantified ‘real performance improvements’ in business, proves a ‘Positive Strength Base Approach’ works in all areas of performance.

This process of Strength Based Coaching increases performance substantially:

NAME THEM -is the process of discovering your strengths

CLAIM THEM -taking ownership of your talents and strengths

AIM THEM -intentionally pointing them towards your goal

In this journey, the role of the coach is to facilitate the process. To help discover your unique talents, find out how you operate best and create a personalized approach to improve performance.

As a high performance coach, and team leader, I am excited to share this process. There is a great opportunity to expand individual performance. But greater still, is when this process is used to enhance a team’s performance. Teams become stronger, more productive. It creates exceptional teamwork, where people understand each other’s talents and strengths. This enhances the team’s performance culture and is the best opportunity for success.

To discover your strengths and improve your performance, contact:

Max Gartner

High Performance Coach


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