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Seminars at the Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise (2 days)

Taking advantage of the beauty of the Rocky Mountains, off-site seminars and workshops are a great chance for every company and organization to get inspired, motivated and to re-ignite the passion for ones work.  We take a close look at your current Performance Culture and create the ideal roadmap to enhance it.


Five Mettle Factors led Kerrin and Max to Olympic Gold and they transfer directly to the business world. Our uniquely developed Mettle Factor Tool Kit provides the necessary materials to ensure your team is fully engaged in the program.. These 5 key factors of the high performance sports world will improve your productivity, strengthen teamwork, create powerful routines and establish a pathway to success.


A Day in the Life of Gold Mettle Seminars:

Our seminars, work shops and coaching programs are personally delivered and include a flexible combination of practical techniques, implementable tools, reflective storytelling and physical activities, which can include skiing with Kerrin and Max! 


Morning:  Our customized “Wake up” routine gets you ready for the day.  Setting a solid foundation upon which to build the day is essential.  There are a number of both physical and mental activities to activate the body and the mind to prepare for the training day.


Half day / Full Day:  Start off with Kerrin and Max leading  a team activity that provides fun competitions that will test your Mettle and safely push you out of your comfort zone. During the winter months, skiing the beautiful slopes of Lake Louise with both Kerrin and Max is an opportunity that can be incorporated into any program.


Half day / Full day: Gold Mettle Workshop designed to focus on your needs and the area of your chosen focus: exposing your mettle, teamwork, motivation, performing under pressure, leadership, management, goal setting/strategic planning.


Closing:  Wrap up, presentations and social activities. Every good day deserves a celebration! Remember…the year has 8760 hours. We will make a few of them unforgettable.  Come join us at the spectacular Chateau Lake Louise for a special experience.

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